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We, the founders behind Buqon, love to barbecue for our families and friends. Hosting and having a good time together with delicious food is simply the best thing in the world for us. And we love sitting outside, all together at the same table. And we love to talk shop about innovative barbecue ideas.

But one thing always caused us headaches during countless great barbecue afternoons: The grill master could never eat at the table with the others at the same time. Instead, this person stood in the corner, so to speak, with his back to everyone else and could hardly join in the conversation. After all, someone had to be responsible for the perfect cooking level and the roasting aromas. This person not only usually lost out in the social exchange, but also had to eat what was left over afterwards.

We quickly realised that this was not the way it should stay for us. We started to develop a solution for this very problem: 

A table that would connect us, make it possible to barbecue together and eat at the same time, and thus make our barbecues even more memorable.

Team Buqon Simon Grill Ideas

Simon - Development & Marketing


Kathi - Customer Service & Marketing

Team Buqon David Barbecue Ideas

David - Development & Good Soul

Sketches were made, numerous ideas were collected and many were discarded. Yes, our heads really started to steam. When the first prototype of our barbecue idea was on the terrace, it was put through its paces and several test barbecues took place. Now, 18 months later, we are proud to be able to bring the first Buqon product onto the market with complete conviction. The DINE outdoor table with integrated grill function.

As a father of two, passionate griller & host and visionary, Simon Eiler (Head of Buqon) is constantly on the lookout for solutions to everyday problems. The multifunctional "DINE" table laid the foundation. Further products are already in the development and test phase. 

Buqon stands for innovative, aesthetic outdoor & indoor home solutions