Garden table with integrated grill: Buqon DINE

Who hasn't experienced it: the barbecue chef stands in the corner with his back to the guests and spends the whole afternoon grilling the food to the perfect cooking stage and serving it. In the process, he or she often comes up far short and unfortunately can't please one or the other. At the end of the day, all he or she is left with is the leftovers, which are usually already cold. But not with Buqon DINE: the garden table with integrated grill. The table with barbecue insert offers everything that makes the heart beat faster for a cosy barbecue evening with friends. Because this multifunctional garden table really has it all!

What is the Buqon DINE table with integrated grill?

Buqon DINE is a multifunctional outdoor table: garden table, barbecue and drinks cooler in one. Basically, Buqon DINE is a patio table that can be transformed into a sociable charcoal grill table by means of a grill insert in the middle. In other words, a table with a BBQ grill. How? More about that below.

But that is not all. The versatile garden table with integrated grill has another feature. It is possible to insert an ice tray to keep drinks cool. So you don't have to leave the table. Neither to keep an eye on the barbecue and refill it, nor to fetch drinks from the fridge.

How does a garden table with embedded grill function work?

Unlike a classic, free-standing barbecue, the BBQ grill is located directly at or integrated into the dining table. This means a special challenge on several levels during development and implementation. The conversion and handling at home, on the other hand, are child's play.

A lot often happens under the garden table: you cross your legs, stretch them out, the dog or cat runs under the table. The risk of burns is high, which is why the container for the charcoal of the Buqon DINE garden table with integrated grill has a temperature-neutral three-tub system on the outer wall. The fireproof tray set into the table top is the heart of the table. Here, the charcoal releases heat exclusively upwards. This fire tray, which contains the charcoal, can also be lifted out together with the charcoal. In general, inserting, lifting out and firing up the BBQ grill in the table is very easy. table is very easy due to the very easy. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

The grill grate can also be flexibly removed and put on. This ensures seamless and easy cleaning. In addition, a catch basin ensures that the fat dripping off during grilling does not run off into the charcoal.

Barbecue with friends: The focus is on togetherness

With the central barbecue at the table, the evening with friends takes place together. The barbecue regains its original character - that of sitting around the fire and exchanging ideas. Without anyone having to leave the table to check on the food. In this way, conversations are not interrupted, the grilled food always remains under observation and everyone has enough space to prepare their own food directly.

The idea of creating something together also comes to the fore. In contrast to the classic grill in the corner, the Buqon DINE grill table does not serve the guests. On the contrary: the food is prepared and eaten on an equal footing and at the same time.

Why choose a table with an integrated grill?

The multifunctional garden table with integrated barbecue insert has some great advantages:

Finally no more lack of space on the terrace

Who doesn't know it. The big question: where to put the barbecue on the terrace? Whether it's a large gas barbecue or a kettle grill: a barbecue takes up a lot of space on the balcony and terrace. This question becomes superfluous with the barbecue integrated in the table. Because the Buqon DINE does not take up any additional space! On the contrary: the option of using the Buqon DINE table both as a garden table and as a barbecue table means that this space can be reclaimed. This space saving is worth its weight in gold not only on balconies and terraces, but also in the garden. A herb bed would certainly look good in the corner gained. 

Eating together at the same time

Up to 8 people can sit at this multifunctional outdoor table. The food is prepared by each person themselves - which means that the focus is on togetherness and thus on the conversations during the preparation as well as during the meal itself.

Enough space at the table with barbecue

Space for up to 8 people, not only around the garden table but also at the barbecue grill. With a dimension of XX x XX the barbecue is large enough to feed everyone. After the barbecue, the tray together with the charcoal can be easily lifted out of the table. Afterwards, Buqon DINE becomes a noble garden table. Now there is enough space to prepare the desserts.

Different cooking levels? No problem!

With the Buqon DINE garden table with gr ill, everyone is their own grill master. A personal barbecue tong gives everyone at the table the opportunity to select their own barbecue food and let it cook on the grill for as long as they want. Intensity of taste is as unique as the person himself - and with Buqon DINE this individuality is easily possible. This also eliminates the constant question of what to put on the grill next. Thanks to the central grill at the table, everyone has their own place by the fire. 

The integrated barbecue function of the DINE table therefore offers a possibility that has never existed before: eating together in company and yet eating very different things. Everyone, just as they like it.

The best barbecue grill 

Not only the table itself, but above all the heart of the table: the grill insert and grate have great features. The grill grate was designed and developed so that the people at the table are not illuminated by the heat of the charcoal. After all, the charcoal is only meant to cook the food. In addition, the fat produced during grilling does not run down the sides of the grill tray and onto the charcoal, but into a separate collection tray. The stainless steel grill grate is durable, stable and made of food-safe, rustproof stainless steel. By choosing the Buqon DINE table, you are choosing the best grill grate in this segment:

  • Very long service life
  • removable angle inserts
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No dripping fat on hot charcoal

All the advantages of the Buqon DINE garden table with barbecue insert at a glance

In summary, the DINE stainless steel outdoor table has several advantages over a conventional grill:

  • Eat together
    • Sitting together at the table - no one has to get up
    • Simultaneous eating possible - no one standing at the grill
    • No one feels left out: a harmonious barbecue day
    • everyone grills at their own pace - different cooking levels
    • Individual space for different grilled food
    • Barbecue area centrally and easily accessible
    • Table with space for up to 8 people
  • Space-saving
    • Garden table, barbecue table and drinks cooler in one
    • Space saving on balcony, terrace and in the garden: no barbecue in addition to a garden table
  • Multifunctional
    • Grill or also ice insert is used when in use. Otherwise a high-quality garden table
  • Simplest cleaning of the grill
    • Removable grill grate: easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher
    • No fat in the embers: drip tray for barbecue fat
  • Made in Europe with the highest quality materials
  • Barbecue safety in the first place
    • Charcoal is heated in grill tray in advance, then inserted and can be lifted out after grilling.
    • Outer shell does not get hot thanks to 3 trough system