Buqon DINE:
multifunctional garden table with barbecue insert

Focus on friends, family and food

The Buqon DINE garden table with barbecue insert offers what you've been waiting for: The togetherness is moved to the centre of the barbecue. Gathered around the table, everyone is in the middle of the action and no one is left out. No one has to stand at the barbecue for hours, possibly with their back to the others, and can hardly take part in the action. With Buqon, the focus is on eating together and the social aspect, just like the BBQ Grill itself.

Determine your cooking level yourself, directly at the table with grill

With the Buqon DINE stainless steel garden table, you are your own barbecue master. Grill according to your individual taste and determine your food and the cooking level yourself, directly at the table. The ingenious grill system can be expanded with various adaptations. How about, for example, an additional ice tray for cool drinks directly at the table?



Table with Integrated Grill Multifunctional Garden Table Conversion Simple

Everything you need: your garden table with barbecue insert

Get together in style - the ideal table for garden, terrace and balcony

Whether behind your house, above the roofs of your city, the penthouse terrace or in the garden of your finca in the south. The Buqon Dine table with integrated barbecue with its timeless look fits you perfectly everywhere. The table can be used as a garden table or a table with a grill in the middle. Depending on the occasion and use.

Made in Europe: A durable product of the highest quality

Both garden table and barbecue are things that should last a long time. This is also an important concern for us. That's why we rely on high-quality production with short delivery routes, here in Europe.

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Barbecue safety

We place great emphasis on this. That's why the grill insert is completely temperature-neutral on the outside and doesn't get hot even during long barbecues. Converting the Buqon DINE garden table is also child's play.

Bring the perfect barbecue experience home!

Because there's nothing better than sitting around the table with family and friends, feeling the fine charcoal barbecue smell in your nose and experiencing the sizzling of delicious delicacies live. So get your Buqon DINE garden table with barbecue insert and enjoy the barbecue season. and enjoy the barbecue season with all your senses.

What customers say about Buqon

Customer Review Garden Table with Integrated Grill Karim



Absolutely cool barbecue experience with friends

No longer is there only one barbecue master who stands on the sidelines while the guests wait, no, everyone barbecues and has fun together. My new gift, the barbecue table, is an absolute enrichment and one of my best purchases for the garden.

We enjoy sitting around the table with our friends. Everyone grills according to their wishes and at their own pace. A fine wine rounds off the whole thing and the meal becomes a shared experience - simply great.

The grill grate consists of individual slats and is absolutely flexible in design. Four, six, eight, no problem. Cleaning is also simple, just pop it in the dishwasher and you're done. This makes grilling fun.

Customer Review Garden Table with Integrated Grill Susanne



Convivial evenings guaranteed ✨

BUQON is worth every penny. We use it as a practical garden table, as a drinks cooler or as a barbecue table for fine social evenings, depending on our needs. What we love: with this table it is possible for EVERYONE to grill, eat and enjoy at the same time. Raclette feeling in summer - thanks to the special construction even without additional heat that would bring beads of sweat to your face.

Really ingenious! A clear recommendation to buy!