Multifunctional barbecue and garden table: easy to convert

The Buqon garden table with grill can be used both with and without a grill insert. The conversion to a table with integrated barbecue insert is very simple and can be done by one person alone. Below you can read and see step-by-step instructions on how best to convert your DINE wooden outdoor table into a garden table with a barbecue in the middle.

1. remove the side panel on the left

The first step is to lift the three middle parts of the table. It is best to start at one side and work your way to the other. Lift up the left outer part at the outer edge of the table and then lift it off to put it aside.


2. remove centre part

After the first, now lift out the middle wooden part of the table as the next step. This works in the same way as with the first. This will later be the area where the grill insert will be placed.

3. remove the right-hand side panel

The last element to be removed is the last wooden cover. Don't worry, the outer two wooden panels will be replaced after the grill trays have been inserted.

4. insert the first grill tray

The first part of your barbecue in the table is inserted with the largest tray. Insert the tray relatively centrally. The Buqon DINE garden table with grill has a total of three trays. There are several reasons for this. The outermost tray serves to protect against heat. After all, no one should burn their legs under the table. The second tray is for dripping, and the innermost, third tray serves as a container for the charcoal.

Once the first grill tray is in place, attach both side parts that you removed at the beginning to the table again. If you have an ice tray for your Buqon DINE table, you can choose whether you want to place it to the left or right of the grill. The final position of the tray is determined by the short edge of the table.

Insert the second grill tray

Dripping fat and other liquids in the barbecue embers? That's a thorn in the side of every griller. That's why the second tray has a special function: it acts as a drip tray for the fat and water that is released from vegetables, fish and meat during grilling. So insert the second tray and make sure it is in the correct position this time too.

6. insert the third grill tray

Finally, the third and final tray is inserted into the table. This serves as a container for the charcoal. Your garden table is now easily converted into a barbecue table!

7. fill in charcoal & heat up the grill

We recommend using briquettes for the Buqon DINE grill. The best way to heat them is with a lighting chimney, directly in the third pan. The lighting chimney keeps the charcoal together and prevents the table itself from getting some of the embers. Alternatively, you can light your charcoal outside the tray on a fireproof surface in the lighting chimney and then pour it slowly and carefully into the tray.

As soon as the charcoal is hot enough, distribute it in the pan with a fireproof ladle so that the heat is evenly distributed upwards to the grate.

8. insert barbecue grill into garden table

Now it is time to put on the grill grate. If you have hot coals in the tray, use gloves to avoid burning yourself. Make sure that the grill grate is well and evenly positioned. This is especially important so that the food does not fall into the embers and the fat can drain into the designated drip tray.

Your garden table with barbecue is ready: The barbecue party can start!

The embers are hot, the table is set. Now it's just a matter of preparing the barbecue, chilling the drinks, welcoming the guests, taking a seat and grilling away.

It takes less than 10 minutes to convert the table from a garden table to a barbecue table. So fulfil your desire for a convertible garden table with barbecue today and configure your Buqon DINE table with integrated barbecue insert.

You can read the most important safety tips for barbecuing in our barbecue safety article.